Paternity Testing: Why it’s Important

It was all down to trust and the mother’s testimony. Given how precarious the question of paternity could have been, it’s no wonder a virgin was seen as being so important amongst the list of attributes a good wife should have. Today, we have paternity DNA testing to provide us with the definitive YES or NO answer we need in cases where paternity is challenged.

Paternity testing has been pretty much the standard in establishing parentage and is an ideal way to scientifically identify a child’s biological father and move on accordingly. With paternity tests priced as low as $295, you can get that important answer and decide on the next step to take in your life. Before undertaking any paternity test, it might be worth taking some time to have a clear idea on your possible courses of action once you get the results. Also don’t forget the wellbeing of the child whose paternity has been thrown into question and how such results can affect the child emotionally.

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DNA Paternity Testing Services

GTL Australia offers quick, easy, and affordable DNA testing services. Whether you are a mother who wants to confirm the identity your child’s father or a father who may have reason to believe “your” child might actually have a different biological father, our paternity testing services can give you the answers you need.

Paternity DNA testing services from GTL Australia involve several simple steps that include DNA sample collecting DNA samples from the child and the alleged father using simple mouth swabs. Ideally, the mother’s sample should be included but this may not always be possible and we can still go ahead with the test without he mother’s sample.

When you carry out a test with GTL, most analysis results are available within 5-7 business days. If you require paternity testing results in a shorter time, we can provide you with results in 4 working days using our express testing service (there is an additional cost for express testing).

Paternity Testing for Court

For some people, determining paternity may only be needed for informational purposes. In instances such as these, GTL Australia offers a standard informational paternity test kit. In some situations, however, paternity testing results may be sought for legal purposes, such as seeking child support. If you foresee the possibility that your paternity test results may be needed in court, GTL also recommends our legally binding paternity test option. Read more about our legal DNA testing services.

Buccal Swabs

To collect a DNA sample for paternity testing, a sample of cheek cells is required. In order to collect these cheek cells, you can use what are known as mouth swabs (sometimes we also refer to these as oral swabs or buccal swabs). This method is the standard method used by most testing companies for a number of reasons but the main one is probably the ease at which DNA can be collected using such swabs. If you are wondering what a mouth swab looks like, think of a cotton bud. Cut off one of the end with cotton and imagine a longer stick (around the length of a standard pen).

Blood Samples

Another method for gathering the necessary DNA sample is through a blood test, also known as the pin-prick method. Blood testing involves the use of a tiny lancet provided with the paternity test kit to make a nearly painless prick on the fingertip and squeezing a drop of blood onto the provided collection card. This type of sampling is very rare these days, almost entirely obsolete. GTL does provide kits for this type of testing.

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