$430 Aboriginality Report

We are proud to announce our brand new Aboriginal DNA Report. From a simple mouth swab, we can extract your DNA profile and compare to Caucasian and Pure Aboriginal databases. Based on the analysis, your particular alleles will either be most common in Caucasians than in Aboriginals or vice versa.

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The results will either suggest that the person tested is more likely to be Caucasian than aboriginal or more likely to have a greater Aboriginal influence than Caucasian. However, if the person is 1/8 aboriginal then the genes associated with that person may have been progressively diluted with the Caucasian genes such that after 3 generations the unique genes may no longer be present. Once a unique gene has been lost from one generation (race) to another it can no longer be regained, unless through further same race relations.

For sample reports

Please click here to see an example of an Aboriginal (inclusion) Report.

Please click here to see an example of an Caucasian (exclusion) Report.