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DNA Infidelity Testing Services

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Did you find a suspicious article of clothing such as a stained undergarment or other object? Infidelity testing is typically done in situations in which a person suspects a partner of cheating and can help provide answers to a number of questions.

Surrogacy DNA Testing
for Australian Citizenship by Descent

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The Genetic Testing Laboratories is a leading provider of NATA accredited surrogacy DNA testing services in Australia. We are able to assist you in cases of gestational or traditional surrogacy where parents need to establish a legitimate claim to Australian citizenship by descent for the child born through surrogacy. A DNA test result can help support proof a biological relationship between the parents and the child.

Semen Detection Testing

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Found a stain that could be semen but cannot be sure? Our Semen Detection Testing service is a highly accurate semen detection test that runs 3 tests simultaneously to confirm or exclude the presence of semen.

Disaster Victim Identification

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Genetic profiling is a primary tool for identification of disaster victims. Genetic Testing Laboratories offers the DVIstat™ tissue extraction device which can aid in the identification of disaster victims.

DNA Profile Testing

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A DNA profile is a unique form of genetic identification. Many of your identification documents such as your passport can be forged but your DNA profile is unique and nobody can have your same profile.

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