Paternity Tests

GTL Australia offers its clients a number of paternity test options including home, prenatal and legal testing. GTL is a leading and highly accredited DNA testing provider in Australia offering reliable, accurate and confidential testing services. Review the following tests and select the one most suited to your requirements.

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Paternity Tests by GTL Australia


Home Paternity Test

If you have any doubts about the paternity of a child, you can only get the answer you need through a home paternity test. The GTL DNA paternity test is a premium comprehensive marker paternity test starting at only $295 for testing 1 alleged father and 1 child. Including the mother in the test is free and recommended whenever possible to increase accuracy of the test results. There are No Hidden Fees.

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From $595

Immigration DNA Test

At GTLDNA we offer DNA testing for Immigration purposes. Our DNA tests are ISO 17025 accredited and can be presented alongside immigration documents as proof of relationship, helping to support other immigration documentation.

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Additional $145

Discreet Test

Genetic Testing Laboratories offer a full range of forensic testing services. Below are the most common samples we test and the list includes the success rate, price as well as packaging information for each sample. Please note these prices are an add-on to the test you order.

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From $550

NATA Accredited DNA Paternity Testing

The NATA DNA paternity testing can be used to settle a range of family related legal matters, for example in child custody cases, to change a birth certificate, inheritance disputes and immigration applications. The NATA accredited paternity test starts from $550 for testing alleged father, mother and 1 child.

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Further questions about paternity testing

  • Home paternity testing: GTL offers the quickest and most straightforward method for confirming paternity using a simple home kit – this test is ideal to clear up any doubts. Click here to read more about this service. GTL Australia also offers legal paternity testing services and immigration DNA testing services through its NATA accredited laboratory. Select one of these tests if you require it for official purposes.
    Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing: this test is available at 8 weeks of pregnancy. Laboratory analysis is done using samples of maternal blood. Click here for more information.

  • As a point of pride, GTL Australia gladly offers our customers a number of paternity test options. Of those options, one of the most specialised and noteworthy is the prenatal paternity test. This type of DNA test is used for determining paternity before a child is born, which can have certain legal and practical implications. We recommend you review all the DNA paternity testing services from GTL Australia to determine which paternity test is ideal for your situation. Learn more about our paternity tests and other accurate and dependable DNA test options today.

  • The most obvious reason to get a prenatal paternity test is to know, before a child is born, just who its biological parents are. If there’s any doubt regarding the paternity of the child, prenatal paternity testing can help identify the biological father so that, ideally, your child is properly cared for by those who have decided interest in – or responsibility for – the child’s overall well-being. Our prenatal DNA test can help you do just that.

    Another reason people seek a prenatal paternity test is because laws in many states require unmarried couples to fill out a form known as an Acknowledgement of Paternity form at the time their child is born. This form is a legal document that acknowledges the identity of the child’s biological father. In the event that this form remains incomplete, and the mother has not been married within the 300 days previous the birth of the child, no father will be listed on the birth certificate.

  • Getting Started with a Paternity Test from GTL

    If you’ve examined our extensive list of paternity test options and would like to get the process started, simply order a paternity test from GTL. It’s a quick. It’s confidential. It’s affordable.