Paternity Tests

GTL Australia offers its clients a number of paternity test options including home, prenatal and legal testing. GTL is a leading and highly accredited DNA testing provider in Australia offering reliable, accurate and confidential testing services. Review the following tests and select the one most suited to your requirements.

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Paternity Tests by GTL Australia


Home Paternity Test

If you have any doubts about the paternity of a child, you can only get the answer you need through a home paternity test. The GTL DNA paternity test is a premium comprehensive marker paternity test starting at only $295 for testing 1 alleged father and 1 child. Including the mother in the test is free and recommended whenever possible to increase accuracy of the test results. There are No Hidden Fees.

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From $595

Immigration DNA Test

At GTLDNA we offer DNA testing for Immigration purposes. Our DNA tests are ISO 17025 accredited and can be presented alongside immigration documents as proof of relationship, helping to support other immigration documentation.

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Additional $145

Discreet Test

Genetic Testing Laboratories offer a full range of forensic testing services. Below are the most common samples we test and the list includes the success rate, price as well as packaging information for each sample. Please note these prices are an add-on to the test you order. “Not Available in conjunction with Express Testing.”

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From $550

NATA Accredited DNA Paternity Testing

The NATA DNA paternity testing can be used to settle a range of family related legal matters, for example in child custody cases, to change a birth certificate, inheritance disputes and immigration applications. The NATA accredited paternity test starts from $550 for testing alleged father, mother and 1 child.

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