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Mars 2.0 Dog Breed Identification Testing

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Begin decoding your dog’s genetic make-up with a quick and painless dog breed identification test that covers over 185 different dog breeds, spanning the entire dog genome. If you are a dog breeder, or just want to know more about your pooch, we have a test that is going to change the way you look at your dog.

Bird DNA Sexing

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Avian DNA sexing is rapidly gaining in popularity among those wishing to find out their bird’s gender. With precision rates above 99.9 percent, it is no surprise that DNA based bird sexing is the number one choice for bird owners worldwide.

Feline PKD Testing

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We are not currently offering this test. Every cat owner or breeder wants to know that his or her cat is healthy. Obtaining knowledge about the kind of genetic diseases that are harmful is key for ensuring your feline’s long-term wellbeing.

Dog Poop DNA Testing

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We are not currently offering this test. Millions of people own dogs worldwide – they are the second most popular domestic animals after cats! But, the problem of uncollected dog mess has become the scourge of countless cities, towns, villages, parks, beaches and common areas in residential blocks. The dog poop DNA test offers a solution that can help effectively manage the problem of dog poop by helping to scientifically identify which dog left its poop and which irresponsible owner that dog belongs to. It is important to remember that this test is meant for local police departments, businesses, and community groups. It is not available for private use between feuding neighbours or the likes.

Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test

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If you are interested in this test, kindly contact us directly with details of the breed and type of test your are looking for.

Is your dog carrier of any genetic diseases? Will it be affected or suffer from the disease later on in life? Are you concerned that this disease might affect any offspring? Why not make a scientific move towards eliminating or reducing the risk of disease in your dogs with dog inherited disease testing?

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