How can Pharmacogenomics help me?

Your genetic make-up determines how you respond to a number of drugs. Traditional approaches use “trial and error” to determine the optimum drug dose, however, this approach contributes to adverse drug reactions (side effects) and treatment failure and may take a period of time before an optimal dose is determined. So how will your body respond to certain drugs? We test your body’ response to several drug classes including antidepressants, anticoagulant drugs, drugs used to treat diabetes, anti-psychotic drugs, muscle relaxants, opiods and many, many more.

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The pharmacogenomic test has to be handled by a Doctor. Once you receive your kit you will need to go to your doctor to have the sample collected. The doctor must also sign off the form provided. The results will be sent directly to the doctor who will then discuss them with you.

More info about Pharmacogenomics

It is still very much common practice amongst doctors, specialists and health practitioners to give their all patients prescriptions for a medicine with the same exact dose. This is based on a notion which has lingered since the earliest days of drug prescriptions and dosage which is being quickly disproved: that the same illness requires the same dosage of the medication in everyone. Genomic research has however, proven that we do not all require the same doses and that some of us require higher doses and some of us lower doses.

The way a drug interacts and how it is metabolized once inside your body depends very much on your genetic makeup. Some people might be slow metabolizers of a drug whilst others might be high metabolizers. This means that the dosage prescribed should be changed accordingly as the way we metabolize the active ingredient in the medicines we take will affect how effective the medicine is and our recovery time. The dosage taken also impacts the intensity of side effects and number of side effects a person might suffer from. Pharmacogenomic testing has found its application in adults as well as in children helping doctors and psychiatrists to administer ideal drug dosage.

Besides augmenting the efficacy of drugs, pharmacogenomics can also save money (lower dosages are cheaper) and time (treatment may last less). Ultimately, a pharmacogenomic test will help tailor the best fit drug and do away with the one size fits all approach.

Note: Your only additional cost will be the blood collection fee that should be arranged with the sample collector during your pathology appointment

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