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The Genetic Testing Laboratory (GTL) is your first choice for DNA testing across Australia and provides DNA testing services through an internationally certified laboratory that is accredited by NATA, the National Association of Testing Authorities Australia.

Our many years’ experience in this industry is your reassurance that GTL Australia can provide you with accurate, reliable and affordable DNA paternity and relationship testing. We also offer a wide range of other DNA tests to meet all your requirements.

Our experienced customer service team is at hand to answer any queries you may have. Contact us to find out more!

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Our DNA paternity tests are available for both legal and personal matters and our legal NATA testing can be used for any court or governmental department within Australia. We are also able to provide you with immigration testing that is reliable and accepted by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship.

All DNA testing kits are sent out by express post and are received within 1-2 working days. Click here to order by phone or to discuss you case with one of customer care representatives.

Some of our DNA Testing services include:

1) Paternity Test

Our at home DNA paternity test includes easy to follow instructions, sampling kit and return address envelope. Samples are collected in the privacy of your own home. Results are available in 5 working days and are highly accurate with results up to 99.999999% for an inclusion.

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2) Legal DNA Testing

GTL Australia offer the lowest price NATA accredited legal DNA paternity test. The testing fee includes your DNA kit that is sent by express post to your chosen health professional and all the paperwork you need to establish a legal chain of custody for the DNA samples. Results are valid for legal requirements within Australia.

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Your DNA paternity test includes:

  • Discreet and plain packaging for your DNA kit.

  • All DNA kits are sent complimentary with Express Post and received in only 1-2 working days.

  • Testing of the Alleged Father and Child with Mother optional.

  • Our Premium Quality Paternity Test incorporates 21 genetic markers.

  • GTL offers scientific results of utmost precision. Our results are 100% accurate if the putative father is not the biological father. If the tested male is the biological father, we will confirm this with a 99.99% probability.

  • Easy to follow instructions and full sample collection kit.

  • We value your privacy and understand the sensitive nature of a DNA test. Your results will be kept confidential and emailed in 5 business days.

  • Legal tests and home paternity tests are accredited by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

The GTL Australia Commitment to Quality and Satisfaction

3 by 3 Quality Checking
Results Accuracy

To ensure accurate and conclusive results in all our DNA tests, the laboratory performs 3 special quality checks during each of the 3 critical DNA testing phases:
1) Case Login.
2) DNA Analysis.
3) Report Generation.
Performing these checks allows you to have complete confidence in your DNA test results.

Why Choose GTL Australia?

Based in Queensland and New South Wales

GTL is based in Australia and has its offices in Springwood, QLD. From here, we assist all our Australian clients.

Simplicity and ease of Sample Collection

Most of our DNA testing including our paternity testing, DNA profiling, sibling tests and the whole range of relationship tests require a quick and simple sample collection using orals swabs which we provide in a kit. We are an international company and can provide our services not only to Australia-based clients but to clients anywhere in the world.

For clients wishing to use other samples such a hairs or stains of biological material, we offer testing with alternate sources. To find out more about the subject, call free on 1300 482 165.

Low cost

By choosing to verify genetic relationships by DNA testing, you are using the most powerful and reliable method available. You can feel reassured that your DNA test is handled by the most competent scientific team. All this is offered at the lowest cost available.

Practical and easy to carry out

If you process your order on any working day before 4 pm we will send out your kit on that very same day. We provide you with step by step instructions which make the whole procedure a walk in the park. If you have chosen a legal test, the cost of posting the kit to your chosen doctor for sample collection is at no added cost.

For more information about our testing portfolio, please visit our full list of DNA testing services>> Click here. If you have any doubts or are unsure about which DNA test would be best for you, contact our customer assistance department.

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Accurate DNA Testing at Affordable Prices

GTL Australia's DNA paternity testing is the most powerful tool available to determine human identity. In addition to the high-quality DNA paternity tests offered, GTL has some of the lowest prices available in the industry.

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