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GTLDNA offers a comprehensive range of DNA testing services including paternity, clinical and prenatal testing. View our tests below.

Paternity Tests Paternity Tests

Paternity testing establishes the biological relationship between alleged father and child. Results offer minimum probabilities for inclusion of 99.99% and 100% for exclusion.

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Prenatal Tests Prenatal Tests

EasyDNA offers various cutting-edge tests carried out during pregnancy. Depending on the type of prenatal test, different samples will be required.

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Relationship Tests Relationship Tests

Relationship tests will establish whether a biological relationship exists between alleged relatives. The test chosen depends on the people available and their sex.

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Ancestry Tests Ancestry Tests

Through analysis of your DNA, ancestry testing can offer you unprecedented, scientific insights into your ancestry, your family lineage and genealogy.

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Clinical & Molecular Tests Clinical & Molecular Tests

To help you manage your health in a more effective manner, GTL provide a range of clinical and molecular tests which can assist you with managing various aspects of your health.

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Other Tests Other Tests

A range of other DNA tests offered by EasyDNA can be found here including DNA profiling, genetic fingerprinting, DNA art and our express testing service.

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