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At GTLDNA we offer DNA testing for Immigration purposes. Our DNA tests are ISO 17025 accredited and can be presented alongside immigration documents as proof of relationship, helping to support other immigration documentation.

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About Immigration Testing

The Department of Immigration & Citizenship overseas all immigration cases into Australia. Immigration testing is not a pre-requisite and is not required under any law; it can however, provide supplementary evidence of relationship in cases where other forms of documentation (birth certificates and other public registry records) are not available or do not meet the standards required by the department. Any results presented are strictly confidential and the department is bound by the Privacy Act of 1988.

Types of Immigration DNA Tests

There are many types of DNA tests that can be done in order to sustain immigration documentation needed for the immigration authorities.

The most common tests are:

  • Paternity testing: done to provide proof of paternity of the relationship between a father and his child/children. Click here for more information.
  • Maternity test: done to provide proof of maternity of the relationship between a mother and her child/children. Click here for more information.

Relationship DNA tests between relatives can also be carried out for immigration.

GTL offer DNA tests that are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities of Australia. If immigration testing is suggested by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship, the applicant must choose a laboratory that is NATA accredited thus, ensuring that results comply with the criteria required by the department.

Test participants may have to have their samples collected in an Australian Embassy or consulate in cases where the participants live outside Australia. Embassies or consulates will normally have a sampler available to collect your samples and fill in the required paper work and consent forms. Clients will incur an additional fee for the sample collection payable directly at the embassy – Kindly note that GTL Australia does not cover this fee in the cost of its immigration tests. For more information, view our list of Australian Embassies