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$295 Maternal Lineage Test

Genetic Testing Laboratories offers maternal lineage DNA testing: the only scientific means of discovering your ancient maternal lines of descent. Provide GTL with a simple DNA sample and we will unearth those aspects of your maternal ancestry that you could never have otherwise discovered.

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About this Test

Everybody’s maternal ancestors originated from the continent of Africa. But as they began moving out of the continent to explore new parts of the world, venturing into different climates and geographies, their DNA began undergoing natural mutations – not harmful mutations but important, adaptive mutations that helped them survive and form the many ancestral clans with certain very defining, idiosyncratic genetic characteristics which we today classify into haplogroups.

Begin learning about your roots and origins from your maternal side of the family with our maternal lineage test. Every person has 2 types of DNA in each cell:

  • Nuclear DNA – this DNA is made from the genetic maternal we inherit from both our mother and father and is found in the cell nucleus.
  • Mitochondrial DNA – this DNA we inherit solely from our mother as an exact same copy and we find this DNA in the cell mitochondria. You maternal lineage is discovered through MtDNA analysis.

Click here to read A Beginner’s Guide to DNA Ancestry Testing which compares the different types of ancestry DNA tests we offer.

What will the Test Results Show?

  1. Your Mitochondrial DNA sequences neatly and clearly displayed in a table
  2. A map which will show your maternal ancestry migration map
  3. Your maternal haplogroup designation*

*your haplogroup is a very important part of your test and these show genetically related groups of people; whilst the study of haplogroups can tell you little of your recent ancestry, it is an invaluable tool for the discovery of ancient origins. What we do to determine which haplogroup you belong to is look for special DNA sequences on your DNA which match with the DNA sequences of studied anthropological groups of people from various parts of the world to determine where your ancestor came from. Your haplogroup could reveal anything including whether you have any Northern African ancestry, Ashkenazi Jews, Central Asian lineage and much more.

All this information is available to you for the cost of $295. Once we have received your DNA samples, we will have your results ready by email in 4-5 weeks.

View a sample result of this test.

Special Duo Package

If you want the most thorough and complete ancestry test, we also have a special, well discounted package. For just $550 you can have:

Please note the duo lineage test is only available for male test participants.

About MtDNA

The inheritance pattern of MtDNA (the fact that we inherit mitochondrial DNA from our mother and that this type of DNA gets passed down the maternal line for many millennia relatively unchanged) makes studies using this type of DNA a powerful and accurate means for genealogy and ancestry research.

View a copy of the maternal lineage certificate.