$295 Home Paternity Test

If you have any doubts about the paternity of a child, you can only get the answer you need through a home paternity test. The GTL DNA paternity test is a premium comprehensive marker paternity test starting at only $295 for testing 1 alleged father and 1 child. Including the mother in the test is free and recommended whenever possible to increase accuracy of the test results. There are No Hidden Fees.

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How Does a Home Paternity Test Work?

This service is offered at only  $295  for testing alleged father and 1 child. We at GTL have been working in this sector for many years and understand the stress that doing a paternity test can bring; this is why we ensure to be as efficient and helpful and try to keep things as simple as possible. Here is all you need to complete a paternity test:

  • Place your order
  • Collect your samples
  • Wait for 5 -7 working days for your results

Our home sample collection kit will be sent to you directly as soon as we have processed your payment. To ensure you have no issues regarding privacy, we sent all kits in an unmarked envelope. All the envelope will have is a discreet company logo and the PO box required.

The kit is very non-descript and easy to use but it contains everything you need for DNA sample collection. You just follow the instructions we provide so as to collect the DNA samples. To summarize succinctly the instructions and steps to follow, simple rub the swabs inside the mouth for ten seconds and allow the swabs to air dry.

If you need a legal paternity test, you should be made aware that the sample collection follows a different procedure. This is done to ensure that results are up to the standards required in an Australian court of law. More about legal testing can be found by clicking here.

Go Ahead with your Test?

Our home paternity test is offered at  $295 . Your results are ready in just 5 – 7 working days. If you leave any doubts linger for too long they might condition your life in negative ways. Why not get the answers you need and move on with a home DNA test? We can guarantee confidentiality and technical and scientific competence. Order your paternity test today.

Collecting your Samples

Oral swab samples are very easy to collect. This is because the human mouth is covered by a layer of cells which can easily be collected by rubbing anything against it. Swabs are ideal because the special material they are made of allows a good number of cells to attach to them with the rubbing motion of the swab against the lining of the mouth. Why not read more about our DNA sample collection?

What happens once We get your Samples?

Once we get our clients’ samples we immediately send them a notification. They will be told of their due date for the results of their home paternity test. Why not view a paternity test report by visiting this page?

To analyze the samples we use biochemical technology and a process within this area known as polymerase chain reaction or PCR. With this procedure we can amplify and replicate very specific regions on the DNA samples. These regions we call genetic markers and together they form an individual’s genetic profile. We compare the genetic markers on the DNA of the alleged father and the child to see if they match. If they match, we know that he is the biological father of the child. Our results are 99.99% conclusive in cases where the man tested is the biological father.

Paternity test results are emailed in 5 – 7 working days. We provide a hard copy of the results upon request, for a small added cost.

  • How do legal tests differ to home tests?

    legal paternity test will provide the same accurate result as that of a standard paternity test. However, the legal paternity test differs in that it requires a different sample collection procedure, also known as Chain-of-Custody, to ensure the correct identity of the samples sent for testing. The samples in a legal test have to be collected by an independent third party, normally a medical practitioner or qualified nurse, who will take responsibility to handle the DNA samples once they have been collected and act as a witness to the sampling.

    By going through this procedure, the result of the legal paternity test can then be used for proceedings in a court of law or for applications to various government departments such as for immigration applications.  It is therefore important, prior to ordering your paternity test, to identify and be well-informed as to which type of test you require.

    Can I upgrade to a legal test?

    If you select the home paternity test, then it CANNOT be used for legal purposes and it CANNOT be upgraded to a legal DNA test at a later stage. This is because the samples in a home paternity test are not collected using the chain of custody procedure necessary for a legal paternity test. Moreover, you cannot use results of a home test in a court of law.

    To find out more about the legal version of the test visit our legal DNA test or else go back to our paternity testing main page.

  • When can testing the mother be important?

    A DNA paternity test compares 20 genetic markers of the alleged father to those of the child. If the alleged father is in fact the true biological father of the child, then all 20 genetic markers will match between the two profiles. If there are markers which do not match, then the alleged father will be excluded as the child’s paternal father. However, there are cases where a possible mutation may have occurred on one of the loci which may result in an inconclusive result. In such cases, the sample of the mother will assist to conclude the result as it will be able to confirm if the mutation is really a mutation or not.

    Testing the mother is also very important in the case of DNA relationship tests such as for siblings, aunt/uncles and grandparents where the sample of the mother greatly increases the chance of obtaining a conclusive result.

    What about relationship testing cases?

    In relationship DNA testing, the mother’s sample is extremely useful. For example, in the case of a full siblings test, the sample of the mother will allow for the elimination of part of the genetic data that has to be compared between the two siblings, thereby, leaving the genetic markers inherited from the biological father for a more straightforward comparison, hence making the result more accurate.

    At easyDNA we offer the opportunity to include the sample of the Mother at no extra cost. Therefore, if available, we strongly recommend that the sample of the mother is included when submitting your paternity test.