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What Aspects of Skin Ageing will Affect you Most?

This test will enable you to choose the right skin care products, the right ingredients and supplements based upon your unique, genetic makeup. Your SkinCareDNA ID is available for just $390 and results are ready in 15 business days from receipt of samples.

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This skin DNA test will determine your natural, genetic protection and examines 21 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories; Your results are ready in 7 working days from receipt of samples and will establish whether you are at high risk, medium risk or at low risk of the following:



Skin DNA ID Explaination
Firmness + Elasticity Collagen plays an important role in how plump and firm your skin looks. If your DNA makes your body less able to synthesise collagen, you will be prone to wrinkles and premature ageing.
Wrinkling (A.G.E.) Advanced Glycation Products are toxic by-products and are formed in small amounts by our body. They are ingested through foods. AGEs accelerate wrinkling and having the wrong genes could cause an increase in AGEs
Sun Damage + Pigmentation The sun’s rays are harmful to the skin but some people are better equipped genetically, what experts call the genetic solar protection factor (gSPF™). How well equipped are your genes to fight the effects of sun damage?
Free Radical Damage Free radicals slowly destroy the skin making it looked aged, dull, dry and lifeless. Some people have higher levels of antioxidants which protect their skin against free radical damage. This is because their bodies at a genetic advantage.
Sensitivity + Inflammation Your body naturally fights inflammation and protects you against sensitivity; inflammation is a cause of skin ageing. The genes that make up your Inflammation + Sensitivity score play a key role in signalling the release of inflammatory proteins and help in the detoxifying of Environmental Pollutants.


Science behind SkinCareDNA Testing

You may share the bulk of your DNA with almost any other person in the street but there are certain variations in your DNA which can affect the rate at which you age and your skin’s natural protection against harmful free radicals and sun damage. Your genes will also help protect you against wrinkling, pigmentation and other age related issues – if of course, you have those genes. This test is the result of collaboration between geneticists, scientists, dermatologists, cosmetic physicians and other experts in the field and the study of 6800 genes which led to uncovering 200 abnormal gene traits in the form of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) implicated in the health and wellbeing of our skin. The aim of the study was to identify genetic factors that contribute to ageing and also understand the pathways and biochemical reactions for each of those genetic factors – all this to help us preserve our skin.

Collecting your Samples

Taking control of your skin is easy – we will send out a kit which contains mouth swabs. Just rub the swabs inside the mouth for ten seconds and send them to us for testing. Once you get your results you can make an appointment with your skin DNA specialist. This is an important part as he or she will be able to suggest which products and ingredients you need.

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