Animal Testing

Animal testing is a growing field of DNA testing. In much the same way as a paternity test for humans, an animal DNA test, for example a dog DNA test, can tell you which dog has fathered a brood of puppies. You can also do a genetic predisposition test for cats, horses or dogs to determine whether they are carrying any genes the predispose them to a condition; thus when it comes to mating you can make an informed choice regarding which pets are fittest for mating and will have healthier offspring. Determining the gender of your birds no longer means observing and looking for males attracted to females, bird DNA sexing can clearly tell you if the bird in question is male or female.

Dog DNA testing or canine DNA testing is used to determine parentage. Dog breeders want to be able to provide a true pedigree that is reliable and 100% accurate. Anyone buying a pure breed dog wants some hard guarantee that the dog they are buying is not mixed with other breeds and that their ancestry is pure. A certificate that is supported with DNA evidence is as accurate and reliable as things can be and will invariably increase the appeal for those wishing to buy a pure breed.

Genetic health tests are also available for cats, dogs, horses and other animals. These tests are very targeted because different animals suffer from different genetic conditions. Cats do not suffer from the same genetic conditions or hereditary conditions as dogs and moreover, the differences are within different breeds. Persian cats might be predisposed to certain conditions that Siamese cats are not. The same would apply for specific breeds of dogs. Genetic health testing can help breeders choose their strongest and fittest animals for mating. This will reassure whoever is buying the dog, cat, horse or any other animal, that the pet they are buying has come a from a gene pool which is health and thus have very low chances of having the disease.

Besides the usefulness of such tests animal lovers and breeders can have their mind at rest that these tests are all entirely painless, quick and easy to carry out. Most DNA testing companies provide a kit which can be used for home sample collection of the animal with oral swabs.

DNA Animal testing is not to be confused with the type of animal testing carried out by pharmaceutical companies in order to create important drugs that will save human lives.