Cheap Paternity Testing in Australia

Cheap paternity testing is offered by a number of DNA testing companies. Paternity tests are highly accurate and reliable. One should definitely be cautious about the extent of a cheap test; paternity testing consists of complex and high tech laboratory analysis and thus, there is a limit to just how cheap a paternity test can be.

However, if you see that the company offers fully accredited DNA testing services at a reasonable cost then you are on the right track. The main accreditations to look out for ISO17025; these are internationally recognized accreditations and ensure the most high tech testing methods up to date. You should consider the turnaround time and the efficiency of the customer support team. The number of years the company has in the field will also testify to their competence as well as the location of their offices as this will ensure you have you service in your home country.

A paternity test can be done without the mother’s sample but at easyDNA we always recommend adding the mother’s sample to provide stronger, more accurate results. A paternity test without the mother’s samples (sometime called a motherless paternity test), will still provide an inclusion of paternity of 99.9% or higher. Having the mother’s DNA samples allow the DNA analyst to exclude her share of genetic inheritance and thus, have only the father genes for comparison.

When you see cheap DNA tests advertised you might want to check for hidden costs; sometimes you will need to pay an added cost for the kit and an added cost for having the kit sent to you.

Different DNA test come at varying prices. Paternity testing is one of the most accurate and less complex if saliva samples are used. Many tests, such as X chromosome testing and Y chromosome testing require different types of testing and thus, their cost is higher.

The fact that you are able to carry out the DNA sample collection from your own home is another reason why the DNA tests are cheaper nowadays especially when compared to the elevated costs of DNA testing through private hospitals or clinics.

In the case of paternity testing, this is a life changing option. Cheap paternity testing does not mean in any way making a choice of price or quality; one can have both alongside results that are accurate and incontrovertible.