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GTLDNA Australia offers you fast and affordable home DNA testing that is highly accurate and confidential. Our DNA tests are conducted with state of the art equipment and are competitively priced making them affordable and accurate. Your samples will be analysed in a NATA and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for your assurance and full peace of mind. We know that doing a DNA test is not a straightforward choice and picking the right company will ensure your peace of mind. So why not choose GTLDNA ? Our comprehensive genetic marker DNA paternity test starts from just  or testing alleged father and child, and you get your results in just 5-7 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory. There are NO EXTRA FEES.

Paternity Testing

Need answers to help solve your paternity doubts? GTLDNA AU is a leading provider of paternity testing services offering accredited, confidential and highly reliable results that are 99.99% accurate.

We offer home paternity testing, legal testing, prenatal testing as well as immigration testing for paternity. GTLDNA has completed successfully more than 300,000 tests in our 10 years of experience. Your user-friendly, home DNA sample collection kit is sent to your preferred address. Kits can be posted anywhere in Australia. Results are sent by email.

Home Paternity Test

Get the answers you need today with a home paternity test? Our paternity test is accurate, confidential and easy to carry out. Your results will be ready in just 5-7 working days. Our test uses comprehensive genetic markers to ensure 99.99% accuracy and assurance.

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Legal DNA-Testing (NATA Accredited)

The NATA DNA paternity testing can be used to settle a range of family related legal matters, for example in child custody cases, to change a birth certificate, inheritance disputes and immigration applications. The NATA accredited paternity test starts from for testing alleged father, mother and 1 child.

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How does a paternity test work?

A paternity test compares the DNA profile of the two individuals. A child’s DNA is inherited from the mother and the father, and a comparison of the DNA of the child with that of the alleged father can determine whether that person is the biological father or not. We supply a DNA testing kit along with instructions on how to use it (our DNA Sample Collection Guide). The guide is included with the kit, and is also published on our website. Once the samples have been returned to our laboratory, the tests are carried out and results sent back to you.

Relationship Tests

Relationship testing can be used to confirm whether alleged relatives are really biological related. We can carry out testing between grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters and other relatives. Begin getting the answers you need today.

Sibling DNA Test

Do you share one biological parent, or both biological parents? Or perhaps none? GTLDNA offers sibling DNA testing services to help siblings discover whether individuals tested are full siblings, half siblings or no siblings at all.

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Aunt / Uncle DNA Test

The aunt-uncle DNA test (or avuncular test) will determine whether a genetic relationship exists between aunts and/or uncles and their niece and/or nephew. Avuncular test results will show you a probability of relationship between tested parties.

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GTLDNA offers a comprehensive range of DNA testing services including paternity, clinical and prenatal testing.

About Us

GTLDNA is an international DNA testing company that specialises in offering reliable, accurate and confidential testing services to both the private and public sector all over the world. The founders of GTLDNA  have been involved in this industry for over ten years and have capitalised on this experience to develop GTLDNA into a leading DNA testing service provider. GTLDNA now operates through an international network of offices in over twenty countries.

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DNA Testing in Ballina