Why the ‘Prenatal Peace’ Genetic Screening Test?

This couples heartfelt story of strength and perseverance gives insight into why the ‘Prenatal Peace’ – Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Screening Test is such an important test.

“My Husband and I have had quite a journey to get where we are today ~ I know everyone’s time is limited and valuable so I will make this as short as I can.

We married in 2006 and immediately started trying for a child. We did not fall pregnant for 5 years. Absolutely over the moon to finally be pregnant – my pregnancy was fairly uneventful – scans and results all normal etc.

When our Daughter was born she was not breathing – we were told she had trisomy 13 and would most likely only live a week. Well our amazing girl lived for 14 months! She actually had an unbalanced translocation chromosome disorder inherited from my Husband (we did not know he had this till she was born).

About 2 years after she passed away – we began fertility treatment with donor sperm – to cut this awfully painful part short – it was unsuccessful. I stopped responding to medication and was not producing eggs. My Sister steps in and becomes egg donor! Fast forward again – unsuccessful. Clinic tells us there is nothing else they can do for us – 3 years and $85k later.

But for us we are very lucky! Have to be positive here! My Sister offers to become pregnant for us and we can adopt the child. I am so delighted to say – this has worked! She is currently just over 21 weeks pregnant. As you can imagine after what we went through with our Daughter – we were very nervous. After all the normal tests we did while I was pregnant – nothing was picked up.


After discovering Prenatal Peace test was available AND to find out the gender, this would give us peace of mind continuing through the pregnancy as I was finding it quite stressful and anxious and would really like to be enjoying this journey that I am so lucky to be on. We had this test done through GTL and the results have come back with all conditions tested as Low Risk or Undetected. I cannot tell you how much this calmed and relaxed me. I am now able to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy with a weight off my mind.

Thank you to the dedicated team at GTLDNA AU for all your help and support!”

This loving couple have shared their story today in the hope to help spread awareness to all expecting parents about the importance and significance of Prenatal Screening.

Further information about the test is available on our website: Prenatal Peace Test

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